Merry TUBA-Christmas to you, too! (General)

I just had myself a whale of a great night in Zephyrhills, Florida (according to my wife, our local version of Mayberry (from the Andy Griffith Show). Tonight, Captain John Wheeler organized the 3rd successful TubaChristmas in that charming gem of a town (in Clock Square), and I had the great fortune to be able to participate with 22 other Tuba players (my idea of "heavy metal"). Afterwards, my family and I walked the downtown streets, which, although closed, were still wonderful due to the elaborate old-time display windows with animated figure and falling (fake) snow.

I got to meet some cool musicians I hadn't met before, some that I hadn't seen in a few years (like Mary Harvey from Wesley Chapel HS who graciously stepped in our as conductor at the very last moment). A new friend of mine, Glenn Weatherley, who I am playing with in a new brass quintet, also came and played. I am proud to say that I got my father, Jack Jones to dust off his tuba skills and make a respectable showing too! Finally, I got to answer some questions about the Sunshine Brass (mostly to prospective new players). Capt. John took a picture that I will post here in a day or two when it arrives.

Really special nights like this remind me how lucky we are to be alive, healthy, employed and with friends and family. Sometimes all the bad news can cloud that up, but remember, we're all better than that. Chin up!

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Well, honestly, as far as I know, Tampa Bay Brass only exists in my mind. That is, I would love to be in a brass quintet based in Tampa. There are a few around, but they go by other names and already have the required five players.

So, since 2000, I have been paying for this domain in hopes of meeting the other four members of a FUTURE Tampa Bay Brass quintet.

Drop me an email (tim at thissite dot com) if you think you might be one of the other four!
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